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After more than a dozen years of research and testing on tens of thousands of pieces of furniture, all the leather maintenance products available to us, we at Leatherís Best are certain we have put together the finest product line available on the market, bar none, to clean, preserve, and protect your leather for 3 reasons.


They work? As puzzling as that may sound, most leather products available today DO NOT WORK! And some are actually harmful to leather. It is best to clean your leather first so as to not trap soilage, then condition it. A water based cleaner is what the majority of leather manufacturers recommend. These work best at removing soilage and body oils/acids. Leathers Best Products are the simplest and easiest to use leather maintenance products in the market today.

Leatherís Best products are the perfect answer to maintain todayís diverse leather finishes, because with so many types of leathers coming out every day, it becomes difficult to know which is the right cleaner/conditioner for each type of leather. 

Most people either use the wrong cleaner or just donít maintain their leather because they were not instructed what to do or their product doesnít work which shortens the life of leather or outright destroys it in a short time. Most leather products combine the cleaning and the conditioning aspects of leather, when in reality, that is harmful and not recommended by most furniture manufacturers. Like waxing a dirty car, oily cleaner/conditioners push soilage into the finish and trap body acids in the leather.

Leathers Best Cleaner is designed for use on all leathers. Leathers Best Conditioner and Elixir can be used on most smooth leathers.




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